Lost in Infinity: Deja Vu Redux

Released Oct, 2014
Available Formats: Paperback / eBook
526 Pages

Book Description:

This story is not for everyone.

This story is intended for a very specific audience...

The author would have you believe this is a "psychological roller coaster wrapped in the factual memoir of a chronic insomniac suffering from apeirophobia (the fear of infinity)." He would go on to explain that the "novel unfolds the history of his life as he tries to unlock repressed memories through a cryptic relationship with his own splintered subconscious." This is a clever ruse to suck in his niche reader. This story is not for everyone.

Contained within is a mystery raveled across time, hidden behind the narrator's shattered psyche. He mixes in humor and satire as he pulls back the curtain to reveal a dark inner turmoil. Déjà vu, repetitions of events and recollections, lead us through the twisted break the author fears while touching on life's everyday issues and questions.

Many casual readers will be turned off by the jumping timeline. Some will be confused by the author's back and forth focus on his missing memories. The first person pseudo-oral narrative will leave others simply frustrated. The rest will grow sick of the author's defense mechanisms, most often hiding behind his pretentious recollections of growing up a childhood genius. This book is not for everyone.

Now that you've been properly warned and many have moved on to their next light read…

Influenced by Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut and Carlton Mellick III Lost In Infinity is part social commentary, part psychological mystery and part diary. What begins as an egotistical journal from an overconfident, bratty blogger slowly dissolves into the twisted chaos of a mind on the brink of collapse. You'll be forced to decide if the story is a schizophrenic cry for help or something much more sinister. Lost In Infinity will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the author's sanity, your own life, about existence and the infinite universe beyond.

This second edition of Lost In Infinity carries the original story to new heights.

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Lost in Infinity

Released Feb, 2012
Available Formats: Paperback / eBook
424 Pages

Book Description:

The original release of Lost in Infinity.

Winner of 2013 NABE Pinnacle Award for Psychological Suspense

Winner of 2013 Wise Bear Digital Book Awards Best in Category for Psychological Suspense
Silver Medal in Fiction 2013 Wise Bear Digital Book Awards

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Harnessing the Spark

Coming 2015
Available Formats: Paperback / Kindle

Book Description:

'Harnessing the Spark' is a science-fiction / horror tale set in the wake of the apocalypse. In rural Ohio, miles from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, home of the alleged "Hangar 18", the dead begin to walk. Our story revolves around a 28 year old grad student, Elphie, and her twin brother, Nick, as they fight for survival and search for answers amid the chaos of an evolving world. As if the living dead were not enough, the twins soon realize there are other complications in this new world. Elphie and Nick begin to experience supernatural powers including telepathy and regeneration. After holding up in a church camp, the twins stumble upon a government conspiracy that threatens humanity and leads them on a journey of self discovery.