Friday, March 9, 2012

889 Free Downloads so far...

Today is the last day to get a copy of “Lost in Infinity” for free for your Kindle or Kindle app. I want to see if you guys can break 1000 downloads.


From Amazon:

“Lost in Infinity” is the gothic memoir of a chronic insomniac suffering from apeirophobia (the fear of infinity). The novel unfolds the history of his life as he tries to unlock repressed memories through a near schizophrenic relationship with his own splintered subconscious.

The novel offers a no holds barred look into the private confessions of a man on the precipice of a mental breakdown. The recurring theme of déjà vu leads the reader through the work giving glimpses of a dark past while offering anecdotes that will relate to every reader. Mixing in humor and satire with the tragedy of a childhood spent under the microscope of therapists keeps the mood light while he digs deeper into his past looking for the root of his problems.

The author pulls back the curtain and reveals the dark inner workings of his mind as he fears a slow deliberate path toward schizophrenia. Suicide, insomnia, stress, parenthood, relationships, careers and redemption will keep you reading and waiting for the ultimate reveal.

You’ll feel as if you’ve read this book before. Maybe you have? All is not as it seems. The feeling of déjà vu may be much more than a feeling. What if his fears are correct? What if the world is stuck in an infinite cycle set to skip and repeat for eternity? What if we are all simply lost in infinity?

Influenced by Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick and Chuck Palahniuk, “Lost in Infinity” provides an intimate look into the mind of a broken man as he looks for the answer to the question, “what is the meaning of existence?”

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