Tuesday, March 6, 2012




I got mail! Woot! This sucker is a lot bigger than I thought it would be!


I am so ridiculously excited for this. I came across Travis’ work several months back and fell in love with his narrative voices.

I used to review a great deal at FictionPress. I found it helped my own writing and I thought that helping other writers edit their work was enjoyable. With Travis, though, it was a breath of fresh air. I never read anything I didn’t like. I never had any suggestions; it was all dead on.

And now he’s published.

I’m so proud of him and so glad to know him. He is one of the most brilliant writers I know personally. I would not suggest you go out and buy his book (also on Kindle) if I didn’t enjoy his work and find him to be an amazing personality.

I wish I could force everyone I’m connected with to go out and support him but I can’t. Which is why I will continue to post about him on my FB and here on Tumblr.

Please, go out and buy it. His novel isn’t ridiculously expensive. In fact, it’s relatively cheap. And I think it’s worth it. Truly.

Follow him on Tumblr.

Book reviews? Google it with his name. Came up with a surprising amount of results so quickly after publication. That is a good sign, yes.

Here; here.

Buy that shit.

— RC

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