Sunday, March 11, 2012




A book review by Gabby 

When I purchased this book, I confess I did it more to support a fellow tumblr than for any other reason.  Skimming the premise I deduced that this was not in my normal “comfort zone” of genres.  But, I am passionate about supporting the people I follow, so I pulled up Amazon and ordered a physical copy of the book.  I wanted the author to be rewarded monetarily for his efforts.  

The book came UPS yesterday, and while I was excited, it was more that initial phase for me.  New book.  Uncreased seam.  The smell of the paper.  I started it at lunch and found it interesting.  Very well written.  But I was distracted by life and after reading a chapter or four I set it aside.  

Last night my internet connection flaked out and I was bored.  Picked up the book.  And I was lost.  This is the kind of book that, if i was 12 years old again, I would hide under the covers and read with a flashlight so my parents wouldn’t see the light under my door and realize I was up past my bedtime.  As it is I read until I was reading with one eye open, fighting against the urge to sleep.  and even when I put the book down, my mind wouldn’t stop wondering what would happen next to the character.  I woke up early and should have gone back to sleep, but found my desire to find out what happens was stronger than my desire for rest.  I could not put it down until I finished it.  Racing along to the OMG conclusion…

This to me signifies an excellent book.  When I disappear into it’s pages completely.  I cease to be, and with each page turned I move closer to the conclusion.  I found myself laughing out loud at his comments to his bible school teacher, and conversely torn with sympathy for his endless search for the oblivion of sleep.  Upon reaching the conclusion I was stunned, speechless, and quite frankly in awe.  It all made sense.  Literally a holy shit moment.  I can honestly say it was one of the best reads I have ever had.  

I hope the author continues to write.  I know if he does I will be one of those preordering his next work.  I will wait for it to arrive like a child waiting for a long awaited sequel to a beloved video game.  And I will hide under the covers with my flashlight so that no one will disturb me until I reach it’s conclusion.

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