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Harnessing the Spark - #36 (Chapter 18)

Link: Harnessing the Spark - #36 (Chapter 18)


Harnessing the Spark - #36 (Chapter 18)

Installment #36 of the on-going online ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE horror novel 

CHAPTER 18 (part 1)

Alex was waiting impatiently just inside the cabin’s screen door when our ATV’s pulled back up out front. She opened the door but was knocked out of the way by an escaping Dexter, hellbent on being the first to welcome us back. Nick turned off the four-wheeler and whispered over his shoulder, “You ok, sis?”

I sat up, my cheek numb where it had been resting on the seam of his shirt. “I’m fine. I just need to lie down I think.” I took a moment to gather myself and started to swing my leg up and around the fender before the dizziness snatched me up.

“Hold still, Elphie! Let me help you.” Dave jogged the last few steps and grabbed my forearm, likely keeping me from face-planting into the gravel.

“What happened?” Alex asked frantically. “Who’s hurt?”

“Elphie hit her head. She’s fine though.” Nick took my other arm and helped Dave get me up to the cabin. “Can you get the door?” he asked Alex as she just stood and stared at me through pain filled eyes.

“She did that ‘I’m fast as fuck’ thing again too. It was even worse this time though.” Jo walked up the stairs behind me, dusting her hands off on the front of her jeans. “She even threw up just like before.”

“Elphie?” Alex asked. “What’s going on with you girl?” She brushed the flyaway bangs out of my eyes as the boys let me slump into the padded chair by the front desk. Alex leaned onto the armrest and continued to pet my red hair. “Someone tell me exactly what happened.”

Dave began. “Everything went fine until one of the things saw Elphie out an emergency exit and crashed through to get to her. We couldn’t see it from the front or back entrance because it was obscured by a book case. By the time we got to her, she was wrestling with a few. When she fell…”

“I hit my head,” I interrupted. “That’s all. I bumped my head on a big fucking rock OUCH!” I touched the back of my head and winced. “Dave and Nick finished the zombies off before I was bit.”

“Where the fuck were you while all of this was going on?” Alex turned on Jo.

“Hold your horses sister. I was on the roof, firing through the skylight.” Jo reached across the counter for a green apple sitting atop a wooden fruit bowl. She looked it over, rubbed it on her shirt and took a loud bite. “Where’s my brother by the way?” she asked through a mouthful of apple.

“He’s curled up on a cot in the other room.” Alex smiled at me, then turned back to face Jo. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to jump down your throat.”

“It’s fine. I understand. You don’t know me and you sure as hell don’t trust me.” Jo crunched the apple yet again. Her stoney face gave away no emotion which was borderline creepy.

I closed my eyes and tried not to focus on the spinning sensation overwhelming me from the core. I turned sideways in the chair and planted my foot on the wall which helped. I felt Alex hug me tight as she slipped into the chair beside me before I drifted off to sleep.

next installment coming soon…

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